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Thanet Computer Repairs
Onsite and Drop in Services Available

Thanet Computer Repair offers a wide range of onsite and drop-in computer repair services. We have knowledge of all modern and legacy hardware and software standards, and years of professional experience to back it up. If you require an onsite computer repair appointment we can guarantee to schedule one within 24 hours. If you would prefer to drop your computer into us we are open from 9am to 10pm 7 days a week.

PC Repairs

Modern computers are made up of standardised, modular components that are designed to be replaceable. This enables your PC to recover from almost any fault, but diagnosing the problem and fitting new parts correctly can be difficult and very time-consuming. This is where Thanet Computer Repair comes in. Our team specialises in quickly diagnosing your hardware problem and replacing the necessary components with minimal cost and disruption. We can also repair other kinds of physical damage such as broken laptop casing (including hinges and sockets), noisy or broken fans and cracked laptop screens.


In today's computers, with so much data being constantly read, written and swapped between Hard Disk and RAM every second it can be easy for corruption of critical files or software settings to occur. This corruption can lead to your programs or operating system not working correctly, resulting in annoying error messages, loss of productivity or even your PC failing to start at all.

We have spent years fixing such errors and have encountered, and found solutions to, thousands of common software faults including Windows blue screens, damaged boot sectors and hard disk corruption.   

Services we offer include:

  • Software fault diagnosis and repair
  • Software reinstallation
  • Operating System repair / reinstallation
  • Hardware fault diagnosis
  • CPU replacement
  • RAM replacement
  • Motherboard replacement
  • Hard Drive replacement
  • CD/DVD Drive replacement
  • Video Card replacement
  • Power Supply replacement
  • Sound Card replacement
  • Wired / Wireless Network Card replacement
  • Other expansion card replacement
  • Mechanical Repairs (Replacement or repair of Laptop Hinges, Fans, Cases etc.)
  • Laptop Screen replacement
  • Laptop Battery / Power Supply replacement
  • Laptop Keyboard repair / replacement
If the service you require is not in this list, please let us know.

For more information Call us now on:

01843 851 077