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Gaming Console Repair
XBOX 360, PS3, Nintendo Wii
and Classic Consoles

Thanet Computer Repair also provides repair services for many current generation and classic consoles. There are very few repair services in this area for consoles and other gaming accessories. To have your console repaired by the manufacturer costs almost as much as just buying a new console and it can take several months for you to get your console back.

Console Repair

We provide the following current generation console services:

  • PS3 repairs
  • XBOX 360 repairs
  • Wii repairs
  • XBOX Live setup
  • XBOX 360 wireless upgrade
  • XBOX 360 hard drive upgrade
  • XBOX 360 hard drive recovery
  • Wii online setup
  • PS3 Network / PSN setup
  • XBOX 360 'red ring of death' fix
  • XBOX 360 Hard drive repair / replacement
  • PS3 Hard drive repair / replacement
  • PS3 'yellow light of death' fix

We can also provide repair services for handheld systems including:

  • PSP
  • Nintendo DS / Gameboy Advance
  • Classic Handhelds

If the console repair service you need isn't listed here give us a call and we're sure we'll be able to help you. We have worked on almost every console and handheld there is. We also offer repair services for every classic console and computer platform all the way back to the NES and the Amiga.

For more information Call us now on:

01843 851 077