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Home Cinemas and Media Centres

media centre pcHave you ever thought about installing a home cinema or Windows Media PC-powered home entertainment system? Having a PC connected to your TV or Digital Projector can be cheaper, easier and more versatile than buying half a dozen dedicated boxes or even using your favourite games console such as a PS3 or XBOX 360.

Now that digital TV tuners, Blu-Ray Drives and Video cards with HD output are commonplace, and with a wealth of online media services such as iTunes, BBC iPlayer or 4OD, there's never been a better time to watch all your media through your Media Centre PC. 

Thanet Computer Repair's team has a great deal of experience working with all kinds of consumer electronics and computer equipment. Using this experience we can install very sophisticated home cinema and media centre setups.


media centre pcA PC doesn't have to be the large, noisy box that you may be used to. Media centre PCs can be as small as a DVD player, and with the right components may be almost totally silent without compromising cooling. They may also retain all of the functionality of a standard PC such as 7.1 surround sound, HDMI Video output, DVD/Blu-Ray playback and even an internal tuner to watch and record Digital TV. We can build a fully featured media PC from as little as £400. 

Displays ...

Depending on the size of your living room or cinema room you may benefit most from either a High Definition television or a digital HD Projector. Both can take inputs from HD video streams and analogue SCART allowing you to configure a wide range of devices. Most importantly though they can both take video and audio inputs from any PC.

Online Media ...

An internet connected PC connected to your television gives you access to an enormous range of online media services including iTunes, BBC iPlayer, 4OD and many others where you can buy and often even watch for free more movies, music and tv shows than a thousand videos and music stores. Media can be purchased indidually or as part of a subscription, online media services for as little as £4.99 a month can provide you real time access to catalogues of hundreds of thousands of movies including the latest releases.

Couch friendly computer access ...

media centre keyboardSitting at a desk or with a laptop are both different ways of using your computer. Sitting in your living room accessing a computer with a HD television or digital projector is also a change from the usual. We have found the right setup and peripherals to get the most benefit from a media centre PC without it becoming complicated or intrusive. Your media centre PC can be brought up on your display by simply selecting the input with the remote control. And with the right input peripherals, using your media centre or home cinema will be as comfortable and easy as using your laptop. 

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