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PC Tune Up & Health Check

Regular use causes a computer to pick up unnecessary start up programs, registry items and inefficient settings as well as viruses and other faults which can cause it to run a lot slower than when it was new. They also hoover up vast amounts of dust which can block airflow inside your case, potentially overheating and damaging your hardware and even posing a fire risk. For these reasons it is a good idea to regularly maintain your computer to keep it running efficiently and reliably. 

At Thanet Computer Repair we offer a comprehensive Tune up and Health check service for your computer. We have a catalogue of setting tweaks as well as scans and checks we perform as part of our tune up and health check service, as well as cleaning out all fans and vents and carefully removing dust buildup from hardware components to ensure your computer is being properly cooled. Once we're finshed your computer will be more reliable and in many cases noticeably faster than when you brought it in.

Tune up points:

  • Virus and malware removal
  • Start up programs optimized
  • Windows settings optimized
  • Hardware health check
  • Drivers and windows updates
  • Internal cleaning
pc tune up

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