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PC Upgrades

With the relentless pace of computer technology, your computer can become obsolete almost before you've taken it out of the box! Fortunately, it's easy to bring your Desktop PC, laptop or Mac right up to date, often with just one or two new components.

PC & Mac Upgrades

At Thanet Computer Repair we pride ourselves in keeping our own computers on the forefront of technology, which means we know modern hardware inside-out. This experience enables us to choose the upgrades that will give your system the biggest performance increase at the lowest price. Even if your computer is several years old, we can still source most older-generation components to give your computer a substantial boost.

In extreme cases it may be necessary to replace many major components at once, but don't worry. We are very experienced system builders and will find the best bargains to save you money without compromising the reliability of your new system. As with all of our services, we will consult you with a price before any work beyond our original estimate is undertaken.

We can upgrade the following components:

  • CPUs
  • Video Cards
  • Hard Disks
  • RAM
  • Motherboards (usually includes CPU & RAM) 
  • Power Supplies
  • Sound and Network Cards
  • Other expansion Cards
  • Cooling Fans
We can also perform other work such as noise reduction, installing water cooling systems and replacement and modding of cases.

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