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Computer Technical Support

Sometimes, your computer problems can be easily solved onsite and all you need is a bit of friendly advice and experience to point you in the right direction. Our team have encountered all kinds of everyday pc support issues and we know how to resolve them without the need to unplug your computer and bring it to us.

Technical Support
We will quickly assess whether your problem can be fixed onsite, and if so we will resolve the issue and guide you with plain language through the steps to fix it yourself should the problem reoccur.

Some of the simple things we can fix onsite include:

  • Common software errors
  • Changing system settings
  • Loose cables or expansion cards
  • Overheating and dust buildup
  • Setting up new programs
  • Setting up your new computer
  • Information and Advice on upgrades etc.
  • General PC support
  • General Mac support
We can perform almost all repairs onsite, so if the service you require is not in this list please contact us.

For more information Call us now on:

01843 851 077