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Virus Removal and PC Health Checks

By 2009 estimates, 80% of PCs are currently infected with viruses or other types of malware. On average, an unprotected computer on the internet will become infected with some form of unwanted program or virus in under 15 minutes. Many of these programs will expose or create vulnerabilities through which more viruses can enter, creating a snowball effect that can render your PC almost unusable.

Thanet Computer Repair offers professional, non-destructive virus removal and protection as part of our range of IT services. We are experienced and qualified to the highest standard in removing all types of malicious software including Viruses, Spyware and Rootkits. 

Types of malicious software we can remove and protect you against:

  • Viruses
  • Spyware
  • PUPS (Possible unwanted programs)
  • Trojans
  • Rootkits
  • Worms
  • Trackers
  • Keyloggers
  • Spam generators
  • Denial of Service Bots
  • Adware
  • Browser Hijacks
  • Hacking attempts

Symptoms to look out for:

  • Computer runs very slowly
  • Pop-ups either offline or while browsing the internet
  • Pop-ups claiming to have detected viruses, and charging a fee for removal
  • Error messages when booting up loading programs
  • Programs stop working properly
  • Internet no longer accessible
  • Browser homepage replaced with a suspicious site
  • Computer fails to boot up
  • Computer freezes up and becomes unresponsive
  • Some websites such as hotmail or google not working properly

Possible long-term consequences of having viruses:

  • Damage to your computer
  • Losing your personal data such as schoolwork or photos
  • Identity theft and fraud
  • Spreading the virus to your friends and family
  • Sending spam or adult content to friends by email

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